Tekashi69 in Special Unit for Safety Reasons

The last update we had on Tekashi69 was that he was arrested in New York City on a warrant for his alleged involvement in a Houston mall assault and was later denied bail.

Now there’s new information from TMZ that points to the rapper being moved to a high-security facility on Rivers Island to keep him safe. Authorities say he was moved to a Contagious Disease Unit for inmates who are in poor health. But here’s the catch: 69 is not sick. In fact, these disease units are said to also house high-prile celebrities.

TMZ says that ficials don’t trust Tekashi around other inmates and took the initiative to make sure the rapper has no contact with other inmates, even during recreational hours.

Tekashi’s hearing is scheduled for July 20th. He will possibly be extradited from the East coast back to Texas where his alleged assault took place.

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