'Married to Medicine' Star Goes OFF on Cheating Husband in Leaked Audio

Lisa Nicole hasn’t been on Married To Medicine in quite a while, but she just might be angling for a spin-f. Things are messy between the star and her husband Dr. Darren — and the blow-out that they just had was caught on tape!

Lisa forced Darren to call a woman he was apparently stepping out with and tell her that it was over. Lisa coached him through telling the woman that whatever they might have had was no more.

“Tell the stupid ass slutty b*tch you’re not gonig to call her anymore,” she can be heard yelling as Darren tries to identify himself and get through some sort script. “Tell her. Tell the slut. Tell her. Say ‘f*ck you, b*tch.’”

Darren keeps getting interrupted by Lisa until she eventually grabs the phone and takes matters into her own hands.

“You better not talk to my husband again,” she said. “Whoever you are. Stop talking to my husband, stop calling my husband or it’s going to be a problem.”

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