Lil Yachty Confronts Heckler At SXSW Show [VIDEO]

Last Friday night (March 17) Lil Yachty got into a verbal squabble with a fan during a live performance at the SXSW.

The whole ordeal unfolded after Lil Yachty and his crew took the stage at Antone’s to perform their set when Yachty joked about the crowd’s lack enthusiasm joining in on the sing along to the hook his hit, D.R.A.M.

“That sh*t sounded like y’all dreaded that sh*t.”

Well, someone in the crowd took exception to Yachty’s opinion and shot back with “You got no energy, ni**a!”

After Yachty asked “What the f*ck you want me to do?” someone who appeared to be a part Yachty’s threw some water at the upset fan before Yachty began to verbally assault the concert goer.

While both men were arguing back and forth more Yachty’s peoples began dousing the attendee with more water before things died down.

Makes sense that Lil Yachty would use water to drown out his naysayers.

Check out the exchange below.


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