Jay-Z's TIDAL Denies Criminal Fraud Allegations — Here's the Statement

Not guilty?  Despite rather convincing evidence outright reporting and financial fraud, Jay-Z’s Tidal is ficially denying the allegations.

For those just tuning in, Tidal has been accused some pretty serious data and financial manipulation.  That includes wild overstatements related to stream counts for both Kanye West and Beyonce, which would, in turn, lower payments to other artists.  The struggling streaming platform has also been accused seriously delayed royalty payments to label partners, some whom are threatening to pull out the service.

The accusations are coming from Norwegian publication Dagens Næringsliv.  Now, the company is responding.

The following is a statement sent to Digital Music News from the CEO Tidal, Richard Sanders.

The first part is in bold (emphasis by Tidal, not DMN):


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