Andre 3000 Reveals Anxiety Issues and Offers Shockingly Helpful Parenting Advice

Andre 3000 gave an incredible interview to GQ Style earlier this week. In the prile and accompanying photo shoot that includes Andre’s own bootleg Anita Baker clothes, the rapper fers a glimpse into his very regular life.

Given that many rap fans see Andre as a literal alien — a rap mystic who descended upon Atlanta rather than grew up in it — it was interesting to hear from an older Andre who is every inch an average Joe. You know, just with a lot more money and clout than usual.

Three Stacks talked about his struggles with anxiety and having to live as a person set apart from what everyone else experiences. He said that the only way to deal with his mental health issues was to spend time around other folks, even though his head was telling him to hole up. The Outkast rapper revealed:

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