Google Invests $70 Million to Destroy the Major Label Ecosystem

With a strong financial push from Google, United Masters may do away with record labels entirely. According to Troy Carter, Spotify’s Global Head Music, the music industry (and especially major labels) have unfairly harmed fans.  To listen to one or two tracks from their favorite artists, fans would have to purchase “highly priced albums.” To maintain his artistic freedom, Chance […]

Spotify Says Taylor Swift Is 'Increasing Piracy' and 'Setting the Industry Back'

Spotify Says Taylor Swift Is 'Increasing Piracy' and 'Setting the Industry Back'

Taylor Swift’s Reputation proves that not every artist needs streaming to be successful.  Spotify says that’s hurting Swift and other artists. For years, Taylor Swift has kept her albums f popular streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.  Reversing her stance on streaming, Spotify made Swift’s back catalog available on the platform last June.  Now, seemingly backtracking once again, the […]

Dyme-A-Duzin – Rollie Dreams Prod. by Montage

Brooklyn’s Dyme-A-Duzin is gearing up for the highly anticipated release his “Crown Fried” album. To whet our appetites a bit, Dyme gives us a taste some new music with his new track entitled “Rollie Dreams.” Dyme wrote this song as the anthem our everyday struggle. Produced by Montage, the record speaks on tough times, being less fortunate, but desiring to […]